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[Torah, Neviʼim u-Khetuvim] = Biblia Hebraica Stuttgartensia / quae antea cooperantibus A. Alt, O. Eissfeldt, P. Kahle, R. Kittel ediderat ; adjuvantibus H. Bardtke [and others] ; cooperantibus H.P. Rüger et J. Ziegler ; ediderunt K. Elliger et W. Rudolph ; textum Masoreticum curavit H. P. Rüger ; masoram elaboravit G.E. Weil.Email Library
A better story : God, sex & human flourishing / Glynn Harrison.Covenant E-books
A biblical history of Israel / Iain Provan, V. Philips Long, Tremper Longman IIICovenant E-books (3 users)
A grammar of biblical Hebrew / Paul Joüon, T. Muraoka.Email Library
A Greek-English lexicon of the New Testament and other early Christian literature / revised and edited by Frederick William Danker.Email Library
A guide to biblical Hebrew syntax / Bill T Arnold, John H Choi, Asbury.Covenant E-books
A handbook of New Testament exegesis / Craig L. Blomberg with Jennifer Foutz Markley.Covenant E-books (1 user)
A history of the church in the Middle Ages / F. Donald LoganCovenant E-books
A light to the nations : the missional church and the biblical story / Michael W. Goheen.Covenant E-books (2 users)
A new heaven and a new earth : reclaiming biblical eschatology / J. Richard Middleton.Covenant E-books (1 user)
A New Testament Greek primer / S.M. Baugh.Email Library
A reader's Hebrew Bible : [Torah Neviʼim u-Ketuvim] / A. Philip Brown II, Bryan W. Smith.Email Library
A student's vocabulary for biblical Hebrew and Aramaic / Larry A. Mitchel.Email Library
A theology of Mark : the dynamic between Christology and authentic discipleship / Hans F. Bayer.Email Library
Abnormal psychology / Ronald J. ComerEmail Library
Acts : an introduction and commentary / I. Howard Marshall.Covenant E-books
Advocating for justice : an evangelical vision for transforming systems and structures / Stephen Offutt, F. David Bronkema, Krisanne Vaillancourt Murphy, Robb Davis, Gregg Okesson.Covenant E-books (1 user)
An introduction to the New Testament / D.A. Carson & Douglas J. Moo.Email Library
An introduction to the Old Testament Historical Books / David M. Howard, Jr.Covenant E-books (3 users)
An introduction to the Old Testament Prophetic Books / C. Hassell Bullock.Covenant E-books (3 users)
An unquiet mind : a memoir of moods and madness / Kay Redfield JamisonEmail Library
Apologetics at the cross : an introduction for Christian witness in late modernism / Joshua D. Chatraw, Mark D. Allen.Email Library
Applied social research : a tool for the human services / Timothy P. HiltonEmail Library
Art and the Bible / Francis A. SchaefferCovenant E-books (3 users)
Attachment in adulthood : structure, dynamics, and change / Mario Mikulincer, Phillip R. Shaver.Email Library
Beginning Biblical Hebrew / Mark D. Futato.Covenant E-books
Beyond identity : finding your self in the image and character of God / Dick Keyes ; [foreword by William Kirk Kilpatrick].Email Library
Bible and mission : Christian witness in a postmodern world / Richard Bauckham.Email Library
Callings : twenty centuries of Christian wisdom on vocation / edited by William C. PlacherEmail Library
Center church : doing balanced, Gospel-centered ministry in your city / Timothy J. KellerEmail Library
Christ-centered worship : letting the Gospel shape our practice / Bryan Chapell.Email Library
Christ, baptism, and the Lord's Supper : recovering the sacraments for evangelical worship / Leonard Vander Zee.Email Library
Church history : the rise and growth of the church in its cultural, intellectual, and political context / Everett Ferguson [and John D. Woodbridge and Frank A. James III].Email Library
Churches, cultures, & leadership : a practical theology of congregations and ethnicities / Mark Lau Branson & Juan F. Martínez.Covenant E-books
Complete vocabulary guide to the Greek New Testament / Warren C. Trenchard.Email Library
Confronting Christianity: 12 hard questions for the world's largest religion / Rebecca McLaughlinCovenant E-books
Counseling children & adolescents / Ann Vernon and Christine J. SchimmelEmail Library
Counseling children and adolescents : connecting theory, development, and diversity / edited by Sondra Smith-Adcock, Catherine TuckerCovenant E-books
Creation regained : biblical basics for a reformational worldview / Albert M. Wolters ; with a postscript coauthored by Michael W. Goheen.Covenant E-books
Defending Black faith : answers to tough questions about African-American Christianity / Craig S. Keener & Glenn Usry.Email Library
Desk reference to the diagnostic criteria from DSM-5 / American Psychiatric Association.Email Library
Diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders : DSM-5.Covenant E-books (selected sections)
Ecumenical creeds and reformed confessions.Free Online
Effective Bible teaching / James C. Wilhoit, Leland RykenCovenant E-books (1 user)
Emotionally healthy spirituality : unleash a revolution in your life in Christ / Peter ScazzeroEmail Library
Encyclopedia of counseling / Howard RosenthalCovenant E-books
Essentials of career focused counseling : Integrating theory, practice, and neuroscience / Chad LukeEmail Library
Evangelism : how the whole church speaks of Jesus / J. Mack Stiles ; foreword by David Platt.Covenant E-books
Evangelism in a skeptical world : how to make the unbelievable news about Jesus more believable / Sam Chan.Email Library
Evangelism in the early Church / Michael Green.Email Library
Exegetical fallacies / D.A. CarsonEmail Library
Faith-rooted organizing : mobilizing the church in service to the world / Alexia Salvatierra & Peter Heltzel.Covenant E-books (3 users)
Far as the curse is found : the covenant story of redemption / Michael D. Williams.Email Library
Fool's talk : recovering the art of Christian persuasion / Os Guinness.Covenant E-books
Freedom & discipleship : your church and your personal decisions / Jerram Barrs ; foreword by Graham Cray.Check Canvas
Gentle and Lowly: The heart of Christ for sinners and sufferersCovenant E-books
Getting the message : a plan for interpreting and applying the Bible / Daniel M. Doriani.Email Library
Gilead / Marilynne Robinson.Internet Archive
God the real superpower : rethinking our role in missions / J. Nelson Jennings.Email Library
Greek grammar beyond the basics : an exegetical syntax of the New Testament / Daniel B. Wallace.Email Library
Groups : process and practice / Marianne Schneider Corey, consultant ; Gerald Corey, Cindy Core.Email Library
How (not) to be secular : reading Charles Taylor / James K.A. Smith.Covenant E-books
How learning works : seven research-based principles for smart teaching / Susan A. Ambrose [and others] ; foreword by Richard E. Mayer.Covenant E-books
How to understand and apply the New Testament : twelve steps from exegesis to theology / Andrew David Naselli.Email Library
In the name of Jesus : reflections on Christian leadership : with study guide for groups and individuals / Henri J.M. Nouwen.Covenant E-books
Interpersonal process in therapy : an integrative model / Edward Teyber, Faith Holmes Teyber.Email Library
Introducing Christian education : foundations for the twenty-first century / Michael J. Anthony, general editor.Covenant E-books (1 user)
James : wisdom of James, disciple of Jesus the sage / Richard Bauckham.Covenant E-books
James / Dan G. McCartney.Covenant E-books
Jesus and the God of Israel : God crucified and other studies on the New Testament's christology of divine identity / Richard Bauckham.Email Library
Jesus and the Gospels : an introduction and survey / Craig L. Blomberg.Email Library
Justification and the gospel : understanding the contexts and controversies / R. Michael Allen.Covenant E-books (2 users)
Knowing God / J.I. PackerCovenant E-books (1 user)
Knowing Jesus through the Old Testament / Christopher J.H. Wright.Covenant E-books
Leadership on the line : staying alive through the dangers of leading / Ronald A. Heifetz, Marty LinskyEmail Library
Letters of Francis A. Schaeffer : spiritual reality in the personal Christian life / edited with introductions by Lane T. Dennis.Email Library
Liberating black theology : the bible and the black experience in america / Anthony BradleyCovenant E-books
Life in biblical Israel / Philip J. King, Lawrence E. Stager.Email Library
Life together / Dietrich Bonhoeffer ; translated by Daniel W. Bloesch ; introduction by Geffrey B. Kelly ; supplemental material by Victoria J. Barnett.Covenant E-books (2 users)
Living in God's two kingdoms : a biblical vision for Christianity and culture / David VanDrunen.Covenant E-books
Love thy body : answering hard questions about life and sexuality / Nancy Pearcey.Email Library
Making disciples of oral learners : to proclaim his story where it has not been known before / Lausanne Commitee for World Evangelization.Email Library
Mere Christianity / C.S. LewisCovenant E-books
Modern psychotherapies : a comprehensive Christian approach / Stanton L. Jones & Richard E. ButmanCovenant E-books (3 users)
New Testament in antiquity : a survey of the New Testament within its cultural contexts / Gary M. Burge and Gene L. GreenEmail Library
New Testament theology : many witnesses, one Gospel / I. Howard Marshall.Covenant E-books
Not the way it's supposed to be : a breviary of sin / Cornelius Plantinga, Jr.Internet Archive
Novum Testamentum Graece / begründet von Eberhard und Erwin Nestle ; herausgegeben von Barbara und Kurt Aland ... [and others] = Novum Testamentum Graece / based on the work of Eberhard and Erwin Nestle ; edited by Barbara and Kurt Aland ... [et al.].Email Library
Nurture that is Christian : developmental perspectives on Christian education / edited by James C. Wilhoit & John M. Dettoni.Email Library
Old Testament exegesis : a handbook for students and pastors / Douglas Stuart.Covenant E-books (6 users)
On being Presbyterian : our beliefs, practices, and stories / Sean Michael LucasEmail Library
On the Incarnation / St. Athanasius the Great of Alexandria ; preface by C.S. Lewis ; translation and introduction by John Behr.Free Online (older translation)
Paul and the person : reframing Paul's anthropology / Susan Grove Eastman.Email Library
Paul, Apostle of God's glory in Christ : a Pauline theology / Thomas R. Schreiner.Covenant E-books (3 users)
PCA Digest. Part V, Position papers, 1973-1993 / edited by Paul R. Gilchrist.Free Online
Perelandra : a novel / C.S. LewisEmail Library
Planting missional churches / Ed StetzerEmail Library
Playing God : redeeming the gift of power / Andy Crouch.Covenant E-books
Preaching Christ from Ecclesiastes : foundations for expository sermons / Sidney Greidanus.Email Library
Preaching God's grand drama : a biblical-theological approach / Ahmi Lee ; foreword by Mark LabbertonEmail Library
Preaching with cultural intelligence : understanding the people who hear our sermons / Matthew D. Kim.Email Library
Preparing for licensure and ordination exams : syllabus, study guide / Bryan Chapell and Jim MeekEmail Library
Proper confidence : faith, doubt, and certainty in Christian discipleship / Lesslie Newbigin.Email Library
Psalms 1-72 / Derek KidnerCovenant E-books
Psalms 73-150 / Derek KidnerCovenant E-books
Publication manual of the American Psychological Association : the official guide to APA style.Email Library
Putting the truth to work : the theory and practice of biblical application / Daniel M. Doriani.Email Library
Reading Biblical narrative : an introductory guide / Jan Fokkelman ; translated by Ineke SmitCovenant E-books (3 users)
Reading Genesis well : navigating history, poetry, science, and truth in Genesis 1-11 / C. John CollinsEmail Library
Reading the Epistle of James : a resource for students / edited by Eric F. Mason and Darian R. Lockett.Covenant E-books (1 user)
Reading the Gospels wisely : a narrative and theological introduction / Jonathan T. Pennington.Covenant E-books (1 user)
Readings from the first-century world : primary sources for New Testament study / edited by Walter A. Elwell and Robert W. Yarbrough.Email Library
Recovering Eden : the gospel according to Ecclesiastes / Zack Eswine.Email Library
Reflections on the Psalms / C. S. LewisEmail Library
Reimagining apologetics: the beauty of faith in a secular age / Justin Ariel BaileyCovenant E-books (1 user)
Relationality : from attachment to intersubjectivity / Stephen A. MitchellCovenant E-books
Relationships in counseling and the counselor's life / Jeffrey A. Kottler, Richard S. BalkinEmail Library
Resilient ministry : what pastors told us about surviving and thriving / by Bob Burns, Tasha D. Chapman and Donald Guthrie.Covenant E-books
Seeing through cynicism : a reconsideration of the power of suspicion / Dick KeyesEmail Library
Spiritual leadership: principles of excellence for every believer Covenant E-books (1 user)
Stamped from the beginning : the definitive history of racist ideas in America / Ibram X. Kendi.Email Library
Surprised by joy : the shape of my early life / C.S. LewisEmail Library
Teaching intensive and accelerated courses : instruction that motivates learning / Raymond J. Wlodkowski, and Margery B. Ginsberg.Covenant E-books
Telling a better story : how to talk about god in a skeptical world / Joshua ChatrawEmail Library
The Apostolic Fathers : Greek texts and English translations / edited and translated by Michael W. Holmes ; after the earlier work of J.B. Lightfoot and J.R. HarmerEmail Library
The book of church order of the Presbyterian Church in AmericaFree Online
The Brown-Driver-Briggs Hebrew and English lexicon : with an appendix containing the Biblical Aramaic : coded with the numbering system from Strong's Exhaustive concordance of the Bible / Francis Brown ; with the cooperation of S.R. Driver and Charles A. Briggs.Internet Archive
The color of compromise : the truth about the American church's complicity in racism / Jemar TisbyEmail Library
The doctrine of God : a historical survey / Christopher B. Kaiser.Email Library
The doctrine of the Christian life / John M. Frame.Email Library
The emotionally focused casebook : new directions in treating couples / edited by James L. Furrow, Susan M. Johnson, and Brent A. Bradley.Covenant E-books
The epic of Eden : a Christian entry into the Old Testament / Sandra L. Richter.Covenant E-books
The freedom of a Christian, 1520 / Timothy J. Wengert.Covenant E-books
The God of miracles : an exegetical examination of God's action in the world / C. John Collins.Email Library
The healing path : how the hurts in your past can lead you to a more abundant life / Dan B. Allender.Email Library
The heart of evangelism / Jerram Barrs.Covenant E-books
The heart of trauma : healing the embodied brain in the context of relationships / BadenochEmail Library
The heresy of orthodoxy : how contemporary culture's fascination with diversity has reshaped our understanding of early Christianity / Andreas J. Köstenberger and Michael J. Kruger ; foreword by I. Howard Marshall.Covenant E-books
The historical reliability of the Gospels [electronic resource] / Craig L. Blomberg.Covenant E-books (1 user)
The horse and his boy / C.S. Lewis ; illustrated by Pauline BaynesEmail Library
The imperfect pastor : discovering joy in our limitations through a daily apprenticeship with Jesus / Zack Eswine.Covenant E-books
The interpersonal neurobiology of play : brain-building interventions for emotional well-being / Theresa A. Kestly ; foreword by Bonnie BadenochEmail Library
The interpretation of prophecy / Patrick Fairbairn.Email Library
The last battle / C.S. Lewis ; illustrated by Pauline BaynesEmail Library
The leader's journey : accepting the call to personal and congregational transformation / Jim Herrington, R. Robert Creech, and Trish Taylor.Email Library
The lion, the witch, and the wardrobe / C.S. LewisEmail Library
The mission of God's people : a biblical theology of the church's mission / Christopher J.H. Wright.Email Library
The political disciple : a theology of public life / Vincent Bacote.Email Library
The politics of ministry : navigating power dynamics and negotiating interests / Bob Burns, Tasha D. Chapman & Donald C. Guthrie.Covenant E-books
The practice of emotionally focused couple therapy : creating connection / Susan M. JohnsonEmail Library
The Reformation to the modern church : a reader in Christian theology / edited by Keith D. Stanglin.Email Library
The rise and triumph of the modern self : cultural amnesia, expressive individualism, and the road to sexual revolution / Carl R. Trueman ; foreword by Rod Dreher.Covenant E-books
The rule of Benedict / translated with an introduction and notes by Carolinne WhiteEmail Library
The Screwtape letters : with Screwtape proposes a toast / C.S. LewisEmail Library
The theology of the book of Revelation / Richard Bauckham.Email Library
The theory and practice of group psychotherapy / Irvin D. Yalom with Molyn Leszcz.Internet Archive (4th ed.)
The Westminster Assembly : reading its theology in historical context / Robert LethamEmail Library
The Westminster Standards : the Westminster Confession of faith, the Larger catechism, the Shorter catechism : The doctrinal standards of the Orthodox Presbyterian Church and the Presbyterian Church in America.Free Online
The wisdom of Proverbs, Job, and Ecclesiastes : an introduction to wisdom literature / Derek KidnerEmail Library
The wonderful works of God / BavinckEmail Library
The wounded heart : hope for adult victims of childhood sexual abuse / Dan B. AllenderCovenant E-books (1 user)
Theory and practice of counseling and psychotherapy / Gerald CoreyEmail Library
Transforming power : biblical strategies for making a difference in your community / Robert C. Linthicum.Email Library
Tree and leaf / J.R.R. TolkienEmail Library
What angels long to read : reading and preaching the New Testament / Mark Meynell.Covenant E-books (1 user)
Who chose the Gospels? [electronic resource] : probing the great Gospel conspiracy / C.E. Hill.Covenant E-books
Who Is an evangelical? : the history of a movement in crisis / Thomas S. Kidd.Covenant E-books (1 user)
Why I am not an Arminian / Robert A. Peterson and Michael D. Williams.Covenant E-books
Winsome persuasion : Christian influence in a post-Christian world / Tim Muehlhoff and Richard Charles Langer ; foreword by Quentin J. Schultze.Covenant E-books
Woke church : an urgent call for Christians in America to confront racism and injustice / Eric Mason.Covenant E-books (1 user)
Women and ministry : what the Bible teaches / Dan Doriani.Email Library
Words of life : Scripture as the living and active word of God / Timothy Ward.Covenant E-books
Work : its purpose, dignity, and transformation / Daniel M. Doriani.Email Library
Your supervised practicum and internship : field resources for turning theory into action / Lori A. Russell-Chapin, Nancy E. Sherman, Allen E. IveyCovenant E-books

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